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Award in Marketing – Introduction

Courses > Part-time > 4 > Award in Marketing – Introduction

Award in Marketing - Introduction


MQF Level
30 Hours
Mode of Delivery
Online 100%


Enrolment OPEN for Cohort prospected to commence on 04.03.2024

Kindly note that all applicants are required to create a Classter account via their E-ID and register for their attendance.

Applicants who do not qualify for a Maltese ID need to contact us on [email protected] 

Failure to comply will suggest that no certification will be issued.

Course Description

This unit is designed to give students an understanding of marketing in organisations. It encompasses the key marketing functions of marketing research, segmenting and targeting customers and developing appropriate marketing mixes for customers.

Learners will gain understanding of the marketing concept and the role of marketing across a range of organisation types including the service and non-profit sectors. They will learn about the importance of marketing research in understanding customers and gain understanding of the principal marketing research methods and tools and when each is suitable. By the end of the unit learners will appreciate the role of segmentation and targeting and understand the marketing mix and its components. They will understand how marketing mix decisions are made to meet the organisation’s objectives and to meet the needs of customers.

This unit combines theory with practical, relevant applications of marketing with examples sourced by both the lecturer and the student. Students will be expected to draw on their own research and their own exposure to and experience of marketing.

Learners will gain a firm grasp of marketing fundamentals and their analytical and problem solving skills will be developed as they learn to make appropriate marketing decisions, applying the knowledge they have gained.

Career Paths

Marketing Executive, Marketing Assistant

Structure and Assessment

Course delivery is planned to be face-to-face lessons along with practical assignments where applicable.

Duration – 30 Hours

Note: Additional hours as directed by the Lecturer need to be dedicated by way of Self-Study / Research / Assignments / Projects / Presentations / Group-Work or similar.


Assessments for this course will be divided into two part, a class based assignment and a home base assignment where students will be requested to carry out research and write a report.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the role of marketing in organisations.
  2. Explain marketing research and the marketing planning process.
  3. Explain how and why customer groups are targeted.
  4. Assemble a coherent marketing mix.

Entry Requirements

Any 4 SEC/0-Level/SSC&P (Level 3) Passes

Maturity Clause:

Applicants who do not meet all the minimum eligibility criteria, and who have attained the age of 21 years, may submit an application under the maturity clause. A Curriculum Vitae and a Motivation Letter (the latter clearly indicating what motivates the applicant to apply for this particular course) are required.

These applicants must demonstrate that they stand to benefit and show that they are able to follow the programme through an interview held for the purpose. Additionally, applicants under the maturity clause may be evaluated through an assessment.

The Admissions Department may suggest pre-eligibility courses any applicant would be required to follow before being considered eligible for this course.


Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria AND ALSO choose submit course assignments / or sit for assessments and achieves a Pass mark or higher.
  • Students who opt not to submit assignments or sit for the assessments or fail to achieve a Pass mark will however be awarded an MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfil the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

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