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Award in Business Law

Courses > Part-time > 5 > Award in Business Law

Award in Business Law


MQF Level
Fri or Sat
17:30 - 20:30 or 9:00 -12:00
Mode of Delivery
Online 100%


MG2i Course Code: MG2I-C0661

Official Course Title: Business Law

Course Description

This Unit is designed for those who are not specifically studying a Law Course to be able to acquire and understand the basic requirements of commercial transactions, the formation of legally binding agreements, the legal relationship that exists between businesses and the legal rules that govern business and commercial transactions. This Unit will also provide a familiarity and underpinning knowledge of the main areas of substantive law in this area and give a broad understanding of both the commercial purpose and the operation of the areas of business law under consideration.

Learners undertaking this Unit will also be provided with foundation knowledge on the business organisations that exist within a legal context and the distinctions that exist between those different bodies and organisations in terms of their legal obligations, civil and legal responsibilities and duties. It is of benefit for any learner undertaking a study of business law to include an appreciation and understanding of both the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of business organisations that exist. Within this Unit students will be provided with a broad understanding of the general legal controls, regulations and provisions relating to the management of those business organisations. Learners will also undertake a broad introduction into the implications, legal authority and liabilities of Partners and Company members entering into contractual arrangements for and on behalf of their businesses. Included within this area of study will be an appreciation of the common forms of corporate finance including corporate insolvency and forms of corporate recovery concluding with a study of the principles of corporate governance and the necessity of fraud prevention. Undertaking this Unit in Business Law will allow a learner to place particular focus upon the legal relationship that exists between legal entities and business organisations and is ideal for anyone planning a further career across a wide range of professional areas including accounting and finance.

The assessment of this Unit will encourage and promote communication skills as well as appropriate levels of analytical, problem solving and research skills. The subjects covered within the Unit will develop an understanding of how to recognise, analyse and, where possible, avoid many of the common contractual issues that are often addressed throughout the course of common business negotiations and transactions. Learners will also be encouraged to develop appropriately levelled skills in forming essential core knowledge to allow an understanding of these issues and a demonstrated ability to respond to appropriate legal advice.

This Unit will address core vocational business skills and awareness that is relevant not only within the context of the Maltese legal system but also with national and international partners. This Unit will provide a core grounding in the legal rules governing commercial agreements and an awareness and understanding of both the liability and accountability of those involved in commercial negotiations, transactions and business organisations. As part of the essential transferable knowledge and skills for any student undertaking a study of business, there will be a core comprehensive outline of the legal obligations and relationships within employment law. Learners will consider the basic relationships that exist within employer employee relationships including the rights and obligations that exist within typical employment situations including dismissal and redundancy. An understanding will be gained of the necessities of appropriate corporate regulation and financial management to promote corporate sustainability and to prevent fraud and where necessary, understand the legal rules on insolvency and corporate recovery.

Career Paths

This program is of value to those who need to have an appreciation of business law in the course of their daily employment. Interested positions would include Directors, General Managers, Functional Managers as well as Clerks and Supervisors. 

Structure and Assessment

Course delivery is planned to be face-to-face lessons along with practical assignments where applicable.

Duration  – 60 Hours

Note: Additional hours as directed by the Lecturer need to be dedicated by way of Self-Study / Research / Assignments / Projects / Presentations / Group-Work or similar.


These may be either Home-Based Assignments or Time-Constrained Assessments


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and explain the main sources of Business Law
  2. Understand and explain the rules for the formation of contracts as legally binding agreements, including the breach and termination of such agreements and any subsequent legal remedies
  3. Understand and explain the legal characteristics of the various common forms of business organisations
  4. Understand and explain the common forms of corporate finance including the distribution of share dividends
  5. Understand and explain the role, responsibilities and obligations of company officers and the purpose and legal requirements of company meetings
  6. Understand and explain corporate insolvency and current forms of corporate recovery
  7. Understand, explain and apply the principle of corporate governance and the necessity of fraud prevention
  8. Understand, explain and apply current Labour law including the statutory requirements of the workplace regarding dismissal and redundancy

Entry Requirements

A full MQF Level 4 qualification including a SEC O/Level pass in English

Maturity Clause:

Applicants who do not meet all the minimum eligibility criteria, and who have attained the age of 21 years, may submit an application under the maturity clause. A Curriculum Vitae and a Motivation Letter (the latter clearly indicating what motivates the applicant to apply for this particular course) are required.


These applicants must demonstrate that they stand to benefit and show that they are able to follow the programme through an interview held for the purpose. Additionally, applicants under the maturity clause may be evaluated through an assessment.


The Admissions Department may suggest pre-eligibility courses any applicant would be required to follow before being considered eligible for this course.


Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria AND ALSO choose submit course assignments / or sit for assessments and achieves a Pass mark or higher.
  • Students who opt not to submit assignments or sit for the assessments or fail to achieve a Pass mark will however be awarded an MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfil the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

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