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Commercial Vessel Boatmaster Grade 2

Courses > Part-time > Master > Commercial Vessel Boatmaster Grade 2

Commercial Vessel Boatmaster Grade 2


MQF Level
MI / BM2
10 days
Mode of Delivery
Face to Face 100%


The course is of 43 Hours spread over 10 Days

During this course students will become familar with the following:

Nautical Knowledge

  • Manoeuvring a vessel of less than 12 metres in length in various weather conditions
  • Nautical terms
  • Dealing with emergency situations involving the safety of the vessel and those on board or the safety of others
  • Safety equipment on board a vessel and the survey requirements
  • Assess forecast and actual weather conditions to determine actions for the safe operation of the vessel
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • IALA Region A Buoyage system
  • Local regulations effecting the operation of small craft
  • Structural components used in the construction of small vessels of different materials
  • Rope maintenance. Eye splice and Back splice, common knots, bends and hitches used on board small vessels
  • Use a compass and take compass bearings
  • Apply basic navigational techniques to ensure the safe navigation of a small vessel in local waters
  • Knowledge of symbols and abbreviations shown on navigational charts of the Maltese Islands
  • Knowledge of the coasts of the Maltese Islands, water depths, navigational hazards and restricted areas
  • Distress signals
  • Prevention of pollution of the Marine Environment

Writing Skills

  • Learn effective writing and strategies to write simple work related documents

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Recognition of potential fire hazards
  • Use of lifesaving appliances carried on board
  • Application of OH&S principles in relation to own responsibilities on board a small commercial vessel operating in local waters


  • Operating inboard and outboard marine propulsion engines of less than 350 Kw
  • Operation and user maintenance of low voltage DC electrical systems in small vessels
  • Operation and user maintenance of auxiliary equipment on board small vessel
  • Prevention of fire and explosion when operating systems and equipment


  • Operate VHF marine radio equipment to transmit and receive messages relating to routine and emergency traffic
  • Ability to carry out user maintenance and fault finding procedures to ensure correct operation of radio equipment and associated power supply
  • Operate an EPIRB and a SART

Applicant must be 18 years of age, have at least 12 months appropriate sea service and be in possession of a General Purpose Hand Certificate. Applicant may only apply for this course after being in possession of a Transport Malta Notice of Eligibility to attend the course and final examination

To be issued with a Boatmaster Grade 2 licence from Transport Malta, applicants should have completed the following course:

  • A Marine Radio Operator Certificate relevant to the radio equipment installed on board the vessel on which candidate intends to serve
  • A current approved First Aid Certificate
  • An approved Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Certificate

Subject to the completion of the additional requirements, licence will be issued by Transport Malta

Oral and Practical Assessment at the end of the course

Course notes are included in course fee

On completion of the course candidates would have dual qualification to act as Master and/or Engineer of vessels less than 12 metres in length and with engines up to 350 Kw within ports, internal and territorial waters of Malta

Note: Medical Certificate – Transport Malta

Applicants are reminded that Transport Malta requests a valid Medical Certificate which can be downloaded and printed from this link for Licencing purposes.

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