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MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES : Development of key competences based on real experiences from mobility innovation leaders *

Courses > Part-time > MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES : Development of key competences based on real experiences from mobility innovation leaders *

MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES : Development of key competences based on real experiences from mobility innovation leaders *


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Mode of Delivery
Online 100%


NOTE: This is a heavily subsidised on-line and on-demand course available at a nominal fee of just €30.

This course is funded by EIT Urban Mobility

Course Description: The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES named “Development of key competences based on real experiences from mobility innovation leaders” ensures the accessibility and democratisation of cutting-edge knowledge and guarantees that key competences are properly transferred to its audience. The course covers four thematic areas (Active Mobility, Future Mobility, Mobility and Energy, and Sustainable Logistics) sharing the adoption and acquisition of diverse innovative solutions and fruitful insights coming from experts working in different institutions, and one extra area related to Investors, Capital Risk and Acceleration that facilitates an overview on investment and acceleration process. The course is open to everyone, no prerequisite knowledge is required, and it is done remotely without requiring physical attendance in a classroom. A global vision on what attendees of MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES course will gain from their engagement to the educational activities is described in more detail below.

Career Paths: Transport, Logistics, ICT and Mobility Sector

Structure and Assessment: Course delivery is online

Duration – 20 hours

Lecturing Schedule -Asynchronous – On-Line – On-Demand.

Assessments –   Among all the educational resources shared in this course, some quizzes and exams are used to assess the knowledge acquired by students. For this reason, each module of the course has its own online quiz, and their individual punctuations contribute to the overall mark of the MOOC.

Learning Outcomes

a)      To inspire and transfer entrepreneurial spirit and attitudes.

After several lessons on cutting-edge products of the market, students will be able to visualise innovative ideas that involve accepting risks, and insist on moving forward in the development of their concept. Entrepreneurship learning based on first-hand exposure to successful entrepreneurial role models will stimulate students’ confidence in their ability to start a business and improve their attitudes towards entrepreneurship. This outcome will be clearly seen in the learners’ response to people and business situations.

b)      To educate and provide key competencies on mobility innovations and business models. The training activity will provide adequate know-how and skills to help develop students’ entrepreneurial careers, gathering valuable experiences that will contribute in the future to successfully run their own business. After several lessons on previous experiences from mobility experts in the sector, students will be able to identify major mobility trends and interesting market opportunities to launch their innovative products. All this knowledge will be explored through lectures, readings, and assessment tests.

c)       To boost an ecosystem of entrepreneurs with genuine interest in the EIT Urban Mobility community.

Entrepreneurs need a supportive local environment to thrive in a community where they can exchange feedback, resources and contacts. MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES course promotes close interaction between the members of the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem by raising awareness about the EIT Urban Mobility Academy education programmes (Master School, Doctoral Training Network, and Competence Hub).

d)      To build up the digital community of MOBINNO.

As a result of participating in the MOOC, students will be part of the digital community of MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES, where learners can interact with each other and share their opinions, perspectives, thoughts, and information around several mobility topics. This cluster of people is aimed to provide the best conditions for relationships and interactions, and act as a key driver for entrepreneurship around the world. In addition, students will be able to find a great product-market fit to solve the current mobility challenges.

Entry Requirements:  None required


Certification: Once the course is completed, students are able to receive a certificate issued by EIT Urban Mobility on successful completion of the MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES Course.


This course is funded by EIT Urban Mobility

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