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Port Work Foreman Course

Courses > Part-time > Master > Port Work Foreman Course

Port Work Foreman Course


MQF Level
9 days
Mode of Delivery
Face to Face 100%


This tailor made course is a result of an arrangement between Transport Malta as a client and MCAST Maritime Institute as training provider, to prepare the participants to supervise and coordinate port workers on board and in the terminals, whilst abiding by the relevant policies and procedures, taking into consideration health, safety, quality and the environment.

The course is of 30 Hours spread over 9 days

This course covers health and safety in port work, risk assessment, leadership and group dynamics and also Planning Co-ordination and control of port work.

Learning Outcome 1: Perform all tasks in a safe and efficient manner

Unit Content

Health and Safety in Port Work

    • Working in confined spaces – Permit to work
    • Legal aspects related to dock/port work
    • Ergonomics – manual handling, lifting, hoisting, working postures, repetitive movements, safe work load, etc
    • Safety signs and identification
    • Personal Protective Equipment

Learning Outcome 2: Communicate clearly with all team members and ship’s crew to avoid misunderstandings or accidents

Unit Content

Leadership and Group Dynamics – A series of themes on leadership and group dynamics will be discussed.

    • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Planning
    • Feedback
    • Self evaluation
    • Decision making
    • Goal setting
    • Inclusion
    • Concentration
    • Methods of inquiry
    • Ethical issues
    • Qualitative research
    • Quantitative research

To enhance the importance of such themes, a series of practical activities will be prepared. These activities may include puzzles or other forms of games, thus preparing the prospective managers to better understand the true values of being in command.

Planning Co-ordination and Control of Port Work

    • Terminal Objectives
    • Terminal Layout
    • Types of Equipment
    • Types of ships and parts of vessels
    • Berthing Plans
    • Order of Works
    • Types of Yard Equipment and their Operational Limitations
    • Terminal Operational Hazards
    • Interpretation of Cargo Operational Plans
    • Discharge/Load Plans
    • Damage to Ship and/or equipment
    • Coordination with Terminal personnel and ship’s crew
    • Implications of incorrect stowages in cell positions
    • Implications of incorrect lashings
    • Complete Ship (All lashings on and remaining lashing gear well stowed)

Learning Outcome 3: Assess all risks to eliminate or minimize their affects

Unit Content

Risk Assessment

    • What is risk assessment
    • Why do we need a risk assessment
    • Important aspects of a risk assessment
    • Legal obligations and requirements
    • How to conduct a risk assessment
    • Where to start?
    • Who can conduct a risk assessment
    • Whom to involve
    • When to revise and review the risk assessment
    • Revision of the important issue and concepts

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:

Entry Requirements;

    • Notice of eligibility issued by Transport Malta

NOTE: The eligibility letter by Transport Malta is only issued to interested applicants when there are vacancies in the Foremen complement within port terminals.

An MCAST certificate will be awarded to those students who have attended 80% and more of the lectures and passed the examinations

Written or oral exam at the end of the course

Course notes are included in the course fee

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