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Award in Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Courses > 4 > Award in Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Award in Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine


MQF Level
40 hours


MCAST has signed an agreement with Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine to set up the Zheng He International Silk Road Centre to offer courses in traditional Chinese medicine. 


Introductory OFFER with Limited Places ! Sale Ends 31.01.2024 !

Schedule for Module 1
Day Date Time In Time Out Total
Thursday 14.03.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 19.03.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 21.03.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 26.03.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 28.03.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 02.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 04.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 09.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 11.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 16.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 18.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 23.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 25.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 30.04.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 02.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 07.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 09.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 14.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Thursday 16.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2
Tuesday 21.05.2024 17:00 19:00 2


Lectures will be delivered at MCAST Paola – Centre for Chinese Medicine

Language/s of Instruction: English



The course offers an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic thinking methods of Chinese medicine. It mainly introduces the basic philosophical theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM )   and the basic knowledge of TCM constitution, meridians, diagnosis, health care medicated diet, TCM, and prescriptions. It provides a degree of understanding of the basic theory of Chinese medicine philosophy and provides the ability to comprehensively use the basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese medicine to guide clinical thinking, syndrome differentiation, treatment, and prescription and medication. It also lays the foundation for applying ancient Chinese humanistic knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine theory and unique medical technology and methods to medical practice.


LO1: Identify basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine philosophical theories, Zangxiang Theory, syndrome differentiation and treatment, meridians, diagnosis methods and prescriptions.

LO2: Apply basic clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

LO3: Use the Zangxiang Theory to conduct a dialectical analysis of human physiological pathology

LO4: Use tongue diagnosis and basic prescriptions for analysis of the aetiology and pathogenesis of clinical diseases and treatment

LO4: Use traditional Chinese medicine’s constitution theory, and the health care medicated diet to help and guide patients in health and disease preservation and prevention as well as disease control.

Entry Requirements: None 

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